Hi everyone, Mike Nolan here with iownrealestate.com. Welcome and thank you for visiting our site.

Here at iownrealestate.com we offer investors a great returns on our performing real estate rental properties, “Income Properties”, in one of the hottest real estate markets in the US.

Our “fee simple” turn key properties have already been purchased, rehabbed, leased out, and currently managed. We also have  a continuous pipeline of “leasehold” turn key properties that offer immediate cash flow for Associates.

So, when you register, right there on the right, you will have immediate access to view our inventory of cash flowing income properties, as well as properties in the improvement or rehabilitation stages for other opportunities.

That’s right, you can invest  in strictly cash flow “hands off investing” and earn a fixed R.O.I. (typically 8% with profit share potential), or completely buy us out and do your own fix ups and keep all the profit on “Wholesale” deals.

You might want to make more than 8% and be more involved in the properties. We have a new “hands on, boots on the ground” opportunity.  We now have positions for AssociatesAssociates help manage our leasehold inventory.  An Associate enjoys as much as 30% of the GRI (gross rental income).  If you are new to the Real Estate business we have Senior Associates available to help you build your business. Be sure to get more information about becoming an Associate. This program offers Associates like you, huge margins, great cash flow, training, and the ability to build your leasehold portfolio. You help maintain the property while in service so it stays in a performing status, and we procure more deals for you. Its possible to earn those returns because instead of Buying the Real Estate, we buy and obtain Possessory Interest.

With that said, you will want to follow us on Twitter , for alerts on new assignments, wholesale, and other investing opportunities so you can be first to see the best opportunities we have.  If you don’t have a twitter account don’t worry. You can get new assignment notifications via your mobile phone by texting @mydeals to 81010.  You will be added to the Associate group list. It is that easy to start getting your Assignments.

Other investing opportunities we offer from time to time are multi-family (5 units and up), mobile home parks, and land planning deals. This is where syndicated financing comes in. You will definitely want to see those if you have a flavor for big deals.

OK, lets wrap this up with a quick summary;

  1. You can “buy us out” through a WHOLESALE DEAL.
  2. You can buy a property that is already leased and managed in TURNKEY INVESTING;
  3. You can get involved in the industry with very little risk and a huge upside in cash flow and growth potential by becoming an ASSOCIATE.
  4. You can participate in being a “3RD PARTY BIDDER“. In this unique program, you will learn how to quickly flip properties bought at sheriff sales. The properties have very light, if any, improvements needed. The properties offer instant cash flow because the property has a Tenant-Buyer already in place. The Tenant is all ready paying rent, and is ready, or closer for their own conventional financing. It’s Buying a presold property. I will be making a tab to explain this more, but don’t hesitate to register to learn more now.
  5. You can invest strictly in our cash flow and earn 8% per annum as a MICRO INVESTOR;
  6. You can take an equity position in projects like Multi Family, Mobile Home Parks’s, or Land Planning and develpoment deals as a MACRO INVESTOR;

Here’s what its all about. We have a great team, with a vision, mission and our positioned for exponential growth. We are looking to build profitable relationships with investors or Associates like you, to develop and grow lucrative cash flow real estate portfolio’s together.

Thank you for checking us out.

Learn ~ Invest ~ Profit ~  Grow

Michael Nolan ~ Founder